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You can now signal sap with your computer, and listen to live ham radio audio. Click on the "Listen" button below.US-Flag.gif (33183 bytes)

    Download free ham radio 1990 screen saver now: 1990scr.zip
    The 1990 group was organized in the
year 1990 by K5AHT, K5PY, K5WL, and K5AY. The group of ham radio operators meet at 05:00hrs. till 1900 hrs CST daily on 1990 kHz. This group is made up of 160 meter enthusiast located in Southwestern United States of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas and New Mexico. The group is made up generally of high tech individuals who have been licensed for many years. Many are retired professionals.
KD5MEX, David controls the net starting at 05:00 hrs daily.
Technical discussions range from Antennas and Computers to Zukini. Since most members of the group are of the senior citizen variety, the daily sessions are affectionately referred to as GGG, (Grumpy ole Goat Gatherings). All members make a special effort to attend local hamfest so they can see each other, swap equipment and visit.
Visitors are welcome to daily sessions as long as transmissions are brief.
Membership into the group is free as long as you can produce a 20 dB over the noise
     signal. A weak signal will cost you plenty of teasing!
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Some of our consistent check ins:

Click on name to go to member's web page.

K5THB- Joe Di Mare in Lakeland, Fl.
K5AHT - Bob Bellar in Plano, TX.
K5PY- Billy Brown in Wilburton, OK.
W5VYY- John Gammon in Lucas, TX
K5AY - Bob Blair in Richardson, TX.
Brent Lemons in Marlow, OK.
Bill Abernathy in Carrollton, TX.
AB5CC- Ken Eppler in Durant, OK.
T.J. Chronister in Wilburton, OK.
WB5HAK - Don Cunninghamin Duncan, OK.
K5PW - Phil White in Bradey, TX.
KC5HS - George Brush in Ft. Worth, TX.
WD5J - Dave Jones in Bryan, TX
KM5RI - Bob Chapman in McAlester, OK.
NU5D -
Bosshard in Temple, TX.
K5ZCJ - Larry Russell in Broken Arrow, OK.
KD5MEX- David Douglas in Holdenville, OK.
KD5OLW- Murt Gillian in Dallas, TX.
W5RLM - Randy Moody in Allen, TX
K5QEA- Sam Sylvester in Eufaula, OK.
W5PDB - Paul
Blacklege in Jet, OK.
N5OSK - Jerry
Casey in Checotah, Ok.
KC5LVW- Jon Caery in Clarksville, AR.
AE5PL- Peter Loveall in Melissa, TX.
KA5HET- Steve McDonald in Eufala OK.
K5BG - Bob Gill in Weatherford, TX.
K5UY- Bill Hardage in Algoa, TX.

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Silent Keys: Old friends we dearly miss.
Click on photos to enlarge.

K5WL, Wayne Lynch 1929 to 2004.
"Even a blind hog finds an acorn sometimes."

K5CFM, Tony Merritt Oklahoma City Ok. 1938 to 2006.

" Howdy Boys" " Bug catchers work best"

KM5ES, John Petersen, Stidham Oklahoma. 1958 to 2007.

" Don't forget the 2 meter sideband net tonight."

W5XS, George Eaves, Flynn Texas. 1951 to 2008

"It don't bother me"                                                 


KB5ZK Wayne Verbal Leuters Texas 1934 - 2010

(Its 5:30 I gotta go watch the local news)  

Favorite Links:                        
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Lots of 1990 photos at http://www.Johngammon.com

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. 3819 kHz. Group
. K5UY

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