Welcome to my homepage. look for me on 1990 kHz in the AM and 3819 kHz in the PM. 73's               
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Background Information:

orn 1938 in Arkansas. Grew up in Northwest Louisiana in Plain Dealing and Shreveport area. Not born in Texas but got here as soon as I could.
Licensed K5AHT
in 1954.
Dr. George Acton W5BMM was my tutor. EE degree and ROTC Signal Corps commission in 1960. US Army Signal Officer 1961 to 1963. Assistant Post Signal officer and field maintenance officer Ft. Stewart Georgia during the Berlin crisis and the Cuban crisis also Operated top secret communications center for the Fort. Enjoy meeting Fellow Signal Corps Members anytime.
Collins Radio Co. 1963 to1973. Engineering assignments ranged from manufacturing test of the ARC54 Bell UH1 VHF FM transceiver to spacecraft project reliability and maintainability management. Lots of old Collins friends in the Dallas area.
Built one of the first amateur VHF repeaters in USA in 1963. It was on 6 meters 52.85/52.95 MHz. Located in downtown Dallas, Texas. Had no idea how to license it. Mr. Howard at local FCC seemed to think however that it must be ok. The frequency was changed to 146.04/146.64 in 1972 to get away from low band noise. Maintaining this system on my 400 ft tower is still one of my pastimes with the help of K5WGA Bill Abernathy.
Started my own two way radio business in 1966 part time and went full time in 1973. WE served 1200 companies in the Dallas and Shreveport area with with 800 MHz E.F. Johnson trunking repeater service through Bellar Communications Co. We were a top ten dealer for EFJ for 7 years. Currently we own and operate a large commercial tower on a 3 acre site which provide tower space for  paging and cellular and wifi networks in the North Dallas area.

Current Station Configuration:
Icom 781 transceivers (one is bedside for late night listening)
Yeasu 990 transceiver. ( loaned to K5JRV)
Kenwood 922a amplifier with all Kessler mods.
Palstar AT1500 Bal tuner for 75 Mtrs.
Palstar AT1500 Bal tuner for 160 Mtrs.
Full wave vertically mounted loop for 75 meters.
130 foot Rohn SSV tower vertical ground plane for 160 meters.

160 meter inverted V.

 Hobbies and Interests:
Enjoy keeping up with Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks.
Computers: Enjoy keeping up with P.C. technology and the internet.
The 3819 Streaming audio system has required considerable time since 1999
 to keep operating properly. Assisted by K5WGA Bill Abnerthy.
Animals: My shelties "Julie" and "Rosie" and my  Tabby cat "Missy".
I call the dogs "Me and Minnime" because they have the same markings.
Julie is a miniature Sheltie fully grown.
Music: Enjoy Singing, Banjo, Trombone, Piano, oldies  Click on pics. to enlarge.
Call signs of other licensed family members:

KA5RPM Susie, XYL.
KC5QJB Jay, Son.
WB5GET Mary, Sister.
K5JRV Rodney, Brother.
WB5VQH Jere, Sister in law.
KE7TN, Kirk, Nephew.
WB5GES, Mom, Silent Key.
KC5VXU, Kevin, Nephew in law.

Email: Bob@Bellar.com (click on 1954 license plate)
              My original QSL Card (1954)

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