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Born l9l7 near Hillsboro, TX. Grew up in Texas. Enlisted in U. S. Army in l934 in 7th cavalry when they still used horses. They sent me to the signal school which started me on my life's work.

My further education was with Capitol Radio Engineering Institute and the University of Alabama. At various times I was employed by the FAA, Ralph M. Parsons, Coleman Engineering, IT@T, Collins Radio Company. Dept of Defense (Redstone Arsenal) and the Air Branch of U.S. Customs. Retired in September l979.

First Amateur license W5IDB in 1939. Subsequent calls W4SZC, K6IRJ, W8CXV, W5LLC, VK6BX and since l971 K5AY. My XYL, Marjorie, is N5UPB.
Enjoy working high speed CW very much.

My hobbies include computers, photography, golf, woodworking, and bs'ing with K5AHTand the rest of the guys on 1990.

My 2 dogs, Dolly, and Joe are enjoyed very much. Our newest dog is Joe. He is a Japanese Chin.

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Equipment:                           cwkeysm.gif (2013 bytes)
Kenwood TS870s & ICOM 756 Pro III
Commander 2500 PA
Palstar AT4K & TEN-TEC tuners

55 Ft. Tower
Triband Beam
160 meter shunt fed Vertical                Email Webmaster: K5AHT