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Welcome to my homepage. Listen for me on 1990 kHz in the mornings. 73's from K5PY.
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                                        Born in Quinton Oklahoma in 1942.Went to school and Grew 
                                    up in Buffalo Valley Oklahoma. Did 4 years in US Air force
                                   during the 60's.  Employed by Ford Motor company in Kansas
                                   City, Kansas as a production line maintenance engineer from
                                   1964 till retirement in  1995
                                        Currently enjoying living on a 700 foot mountain top with my
                                   XYL Vivian, and grandson Christopher near Wilberton,Oklahoma.

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                                        Yeasu 1000D transceiver, homebrew 3CX1000 amplifier, 130
160 meter vertical, Johnson kilowatt matchbox, HF beam, and
                                   160 meter inverted "V" fed with 450 ohm twin lead. This antenna
                                   along with the EFJ matchbox  works all bands quite nicely.
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                                        Enjoy wood working. Built my own house from scratch over
                                   the last three years. Working on trucks is lots of fun. Enjoy my dog
                                   Buster. Building high power HF amplifiers is especially fun.
                                   Experimenting with antennas keeps me really busy. The 145.33
                                   repeater on my tower was built and is maintained by yours truly.
                                   Playing the steel guitar for the Shrine Band and playing an
                                   occasional gig locally around the mountains is fun. Enjoy building

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                                                 Our underground      Our sport utility                My   dog                   Me leaning on
                                                             home                          vehicle                          Buster                         The Hoss
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                          Immediate Family Members:
                                      Xyl Vivian, one son Billy, two daughters, one granddaughter,
                                 and three grandsons.
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