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Welcome to my home page. Please listen for me on 1990 kHz or 7213 kHz. 73's from Joe, K5THB Tomball Texas.

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Updated: 02/09/98                                                                        Music: Godfather
Born in Galveston TX 1931 , he was a twin, the other one died at birth, he grew up on the water front, starting off as a bag boy for the mob, later was moved up to a Lt. and threw the years finally in 1995 was anointed as the Don of the West Houston "Button Group". They were known for their kindness as they only used 45 cal auto and the first shot was between the eyes, a very humane group ! Still lives in seclusion in a small forest with plenty of cover and down a long private road  North of Houston TX. He spends a lot of time on the road in his private coach, traveling Colorado and Old Mexico to visit a number of his Lt.'s and Gumba's( Friends to yous guy that don't speak the word), know for his intellect and selection of an unusually shade of Red lipstick which is his trade mark with the last kiss. He has always been a very generous man and referred to by those of us who have know him for many years as a little "Al Capone".(Bio information furnished by an anonymous person near Waco Texas!)

Yeasu 1000MP
Collins 30s1

Two 100 Ft. Towers

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Ham radio
Farm animals
Counting money
Cleaning Goose pen

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