Welcome to my homepage. I monitor the K5AHT/ K5JRV repeater on 146.790 in Shreveport, Louisiana. 73's from WB5GET.
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                                        Born 1928 in El Dorado, Arkansas. Raised in Shreveport
                                    and completed high school in Plain Dealing, Louisiana. 
                                    Graduated Norton's business school in Shreveport in 1947.
                                    Worked and lived here every
My vocations have included teaching cake decorating,
                                    making catered wedding and birthday cakes, and repairing
                                    broken ceramics and porcelain items.
Married  Daniel Brown in  1947. He is in Heaven now and
                                         I really miss him.
Licensed WB5GET in 1966. Enjoy talking with Rodney, 
                                   Jere, Kevin, Bob, Susie, and other family members and friends
                                   in  the Shreveport area over local VHF  repeaters.

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Kenwood 241A base station
                                           Icom 22a mobile
                                           4 element 2 meter beam  

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                                        Enjoy traveling, cooking, cake decorating, ceramics, china
                                    painting, and playing with my computer, fax, and the internet.
                                    Loved my dog Tippi . She liked to chase varmints in the yard.
                                    Unfortunately she is now in doggie heaven.
Samples of my handiwork. Click on each picture to enlarge.
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                                           Porcelain       Will's Porcelain        My famous       Susie and
                                           Magnolia             Bakers          Oatmeal Cookies  Bob's cake

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                          Immediate Family Members:
                                       My daughter Nanette, granddaughter Vanessa and great grandson
                                       Taylor. My sister Polly, and my brothers Bob, Rod, and Will.
                                       Two brothers Curtis and Melvin are deceased. I miss them very

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